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Protection Spray

  • Protection Spray
  • Protection Spray
Model No.︰Protecman 25ml
Brand Name︰ProtecMan
Country of Origin︰Taiwan, China
Unit Price︰EUR € 12.9 / pc
Minimum Order︰500 pc
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Specifications︰25ML /regular size, 100ML is also available upon request
Advantages︰1. Feature: Product ingredients: labeled as natural ingredients, hypochlorous acid, chitin, Ti02, nano silver, Anatase composites;
2. Function: A perfect and suitable prevention for Enterovirus, influenza virus both with international certifications.
3. Application: Remove formaldehyde, VOC, smoke, odor, for medical product certification are available upon request.
4. To provide a thin protection membrane to efficiently block virus, bacteria for lasting 3-5 days

Export Markets︰Worldwide
Payment Details︰T/T advance or L/C
Min Order︰500 bottles
Ship Date︰3 weeks after receiving order or /L/C
Standard Met︰MICROBAC
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PROTECMAN SPRAY Product ingredients, labeled as natural ingredients, hypochlorous acid, chitin, Ti02, nano silver, Anatase composites Enterovirus, influenza virus international certification Remove formaldehyde, VOC, smoke, odor For medical product certification Action time Through the most professional human safety use test and third-party functional certification report, the cake uses the latest Anatase composite material, and uses the latest implantation technology to change the band gap of the photo catalyst, which cuts into ultra-sensitive elements. This product is porous, super active, clearing the characteristics of a large area, quickly removing formaldehyde in the air, toxic chemical volatile gases (VOC), disturbing cigarette smell, bathroom urine smell, all kinds of odors, to be used in cars, around the house air all in one for fresh air. For the virus, bacteria, and mold that are adsorbed on PM2.5 dust particles, they may cause allergic reactions during the airborne transmission, which they may be contaminated on the skin if they are dropped by long-contact household products, then Protecman can be applied to a variety of personal items to suppress deodorization protection. Generally available removal of aldehyde and bacteriostatic products, cannot provide a safety certification report after skin contact, whether there is an irritating allergic reaction or non-toxicity after ingestion. Select safe and efficient aerospace technology products, PROTECMAN protection spray is the best s solution. For more details, please contact with us, thanks.
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